Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre delivered a fiery speech Thursday that depicted the government’s latest budget as a threat to the country’s future, and suggested a number of new social programs will get a second look if he leads the next government.

He also claimed Ottawa’s push into pharmacare could dismantle private drug insurance and leave Canadians with inferior coverage and higher taxes to pay for it all.

Health Minister Mark Holland, meanwhile, accused the Conservative leader of trying to whip up fear by raising “fake boogeyman” to distract from a program that makes contraceptives and diabetes treatments more affordable for everyone.

While he attacks the Liberals’ spending plan, Poilievre is under pressure to explain what he’d cut to fulfil his stated promise to “fix the budget” if he’s elected.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Poilievre was noncommittal on whether child care, dental care and pharmacare would be dismantled by a government led by him — but he raised questions about the programs’ effectiveness.