I waddled onto the beach and stole found a computer to use.

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Note: I’m moderating a handful of communities in more of a caretaker role. If you want to take one on, send me a message and I’ll share more info :)

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  • It’s just very hard to moderate something like that because every topic is political in some form. Even trying to differentiate between “election related” is hard. Maybe if the moderation team was bigger and there were very specific guidelines on what’s ok, it might be possible.

    Another aspect of Lemmy people seem to find refreshing is not having to remember too many specific rules for each community. I’m not sure yet on what’s the best way to handle that, but I’m leaning towards letting people do some of that filtering themselves.

    As an alternative for example, you could encourage people to include some specific keyword in the posts you want to block. This would allow other people to block that one keyword and be done with it. It would work across many communities at once, and it would allow everyone to see the content they want