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  • With a life partner, they are your #1 priority and you are their #1 priority. You are meant to be equals. And you’re supposed to stick with each other for life. I get that it’s not necessarily a fairy book that turns out this way, but at least you have a partner in crime. It gets lonely sometimes to be alone.

    Well, but that’s earned. You’re not entitled to that. If you tire of people easily, have a short fuse and don’t like people (or the interactions with them) in general, I don’t see that you have much to offer in a way that’s palatable for other people.

    Crudely said: What do you have to offer, for someone to want you as a long-term companion?

  • I can’t just flip a switch and adore someone immediately without taking forever to get to that level. It takes a long ass time for me to develop that kinship. It happens passively when you see someone often for unrelated reasons (like for me, at work…I get to know people over time without the stamina struggle of constantly forcing a relationship). But in dating, that’s the sole focus.

    Well, I’d say that’s how it works for must of us. In the cases of “love at first sight”, generally it’s mostly lust dressed as “love”. Dating should be an occasion to know a prospective partner, but it’s the first step of a long road if you want to know the person enough to open to them. I don’t know how many people acts like this, though.