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  • That was quite light in substance. Since it’s titled a “success story” I was hoping to find a deeper dive into challenges they faced - especially with Alpine, which isn’t that trivial to use at scale, not even mentioning with Junior developers.

    This article seems like writing for the sake of writing, or rather padding the blog page on your personal site

  • Love it! I did feel uncomfortable with 2010s-Facebook-style excessive public sharing. Most of my friends, with me included, abuse the close friends Instagram feature and I’m all for it. I know a couple of people who deleted their old Facebook accounts because digital footprint was too frightening – particularly, the shit they posted during their teens in private Facebook groups that they have long left.

    All of this is obviously not related whatsoever to data harvesting; this fight is against individual stalkers rather than corporate ones. But it’s a blessed one non the less; stalking shouldn’t really be a thing.

  • Technological advancements have the unfortunately intended side effect of corporations having less people they gotta pay to, because machines are quite the competitor sometimes. While I think OP is being a bit pedantic here, efficiency in and of itself is not inherently good – the question should be who’s extracting the profit. If the increased efficiency translates into less working hours… hell yeah. If it translates into record megacorp profits, then… I see no need in eliminating these unnecessary jobs for now – the worker gets their bread and that’s what I care about

  • Hey:) So regarding the “unnatural humanity”, that’s mistranslated. Freely translating what she wrote would be “irregular humanity”, but idiomatically it would be translated to “extraordinary humanity” or something.

    Other than that, the translation is accurate enough. The translator took the liberty to make it way more poetic, but the overall tone is the same.

    The only suspicious thing I encountered is the use of the word “generals”:

    1. She wrote ג׳נרל (Jeneral, like how you pronounce it in English) while in Hebrew you’d say it with a hard G. That’s close enough to how you say it in Arabic (Jiniral)
    2. Nobody uses that word in a non-derogatory way. They’d usually say קצין (officer)

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on this letter though. It was a weird and uncanny read. I think there is other, more solid evidence that can enjoy that focus instead